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A lot of people understand the Egyptian martial arts concept wrong and think they are just movements and exercises and skills and Sports Games develops the body and fitness. The only Egyptian martial arts is the colour of the colours of public education, method of breeding methods rely on sports of all kinds, they achieve the objectives of education through lectures, competitions, they are preparing for life and give the individual a useful and socially and culturally refined his personality and mentally, and there are many definitions of Egyptian martial arts skills including:
1. The Egyptian martial arts integrated approach of education for the development of the individual and adapt physically and mentally and socially and emotionally through physical activities selected and practiced under the supervision of a valid command to achieve the highest human values.
2. The Egyptian martial arts are fully in line with the education in terms of objectives and results as both emerge from public education, the Egyptian Valphenon combat contribute to the philosophical dimensions and cognitive and social order to prepare the individual integrated through the exercise of different activities
The goals of the Egyptian martial arts
1. Install religious and national principles and raise enthusiasm and directing rush while practicing martial arts activity Egyptian love of the homeland and definition Bmkedzbath, preserving them.
2. Development of social relations, through organized collective action during the practice of martial arts competitions Egyptian involving love, cooperation, and responsibility, and loyalty to the group for belonging to the homeland.
3. acquire basic experiences of the various diverse arts fighting and the development of physical fitness, in light of the environmental age to face the facts of life circumstances.
4. fully enjoy physical activity according to the promo tendencies and abilities and physical desires and within available resources and supply of educational expertise useful in life.
5. creative ability in the development of a democratic framework, guarantees freedom of thought and expression to acquire the ability to solve everyday problems and to raise motivation for constructive responses
6. knowledge of the needs of the physical growth through the practice of healthy life and access to the physical strength of a moderate.
7. Upgrade emotional growth and control of emotions and expression and promote self-confidence.
8. Encourage and develop capacity and talent to high levels, and allow them to gain access to the international championship and Olympic levels.
9. training to gain leadership qualities and sound dependency through the exercise of Egyptian martial arts activities varied.
an introduction
Sports have become an important part and essential public education and considered it states a cultural manifestations that characterize their people and refers to the extent provided by cognitive and scientific especially as it derives its theories and their characteristics and concepts of the human sciences as a science of self and meeting and applied sciences, medicine, physiology and Chemistry and other modern sciences, and are one and the methodological decisions in the various stages of education subjects.
And measured Nations civilization developed Riyadtha
: And Egypt have witnessed significant developments at the level of sports practice, and the proliferation of games and breadth of demand for them, and received care and attention of leaders at the highest levels start to update school curricula, and establishment of physical education colleges and clubs and federations, and accompanied by the whole establishment of many facilities, and provide capabilities to meet the growing needs within the institutional work and official supervision and civil fields on the frame.
General physical setting is defined in the Egyptian martial arts
General physical preparation: defined as the process by which to raise the efficiency of fitness components of a comprehensive and balanced picture of the individual athlete.
Whatever the type of sport, the physical preparation it must first pass through a balanced comprehensive development of all the physical elements, most notably the Egyptian arts fighting.
The following year, sum up the most important characteristics of the numbers:
– Holistic fitness elements during the year numbers.
– Exercises used in the components of the numbers vary from sport to another.
– The length of the numbers allocated to the general time period vary from one sport to another.
– Gradient through improved grades pregnancy from low to high.
– Exercise is used specialist.
– Move from your general physical setting to the numbers gradually.
– Continuous training method used.
Intended to give the public the numbers of physical player Egyptian basic and necessary physical attributes of martial arts experts have unanimously agreed that it is five
– Muscle strength. – Bearing . – Speed . – Agility. – Flexibility
3 – Flexibility:
The term reflects the flexibility of the extent to which a detailed moving joints of the body of the player and the greater the extent to which the joint moves increased flexibility and can be defined as follows:
“Over the ease of movement in the joints of the body of the player, which enable it to perform movements in the desired range.”
Overall flexibility means <the ability of the various joints in the body to work in a wide range.
* Types of flexibility <- public and private. Positive and negative.
. components of the training load for the development of flexibility and stretching:
The number of times training per dose = 2: 4 times
It is doing the exercise = 30: 20 time / 5:10 seconds.
Number of repeat performance of Exercise = 4: 6 times
Respite = Positive complete If any fixed, and incomplete if it was moving.
The number of times per week dosing Altdrbah = 6: 9 times.
. flexibility exercises used in the development of:
– It must be characterized by wide range of motor whatever public or private.
– Flexibility exercises are used according to the nature of the training period and the nature of the performance. * Types of muscle strength:
A – maximum muscular strength (super) defined:
Maximum power can muscle or muscle group produced through which voluntary contraction.
Time of muscle contraction ranges between 15: 1 second.
Examples of application <weightlifting bodybuilding Pharaonic art of fighting.
You can determine the maximum muscle strength of the individual sports repeating the resistance of gravity, which can resist it only once.
B distinctive strengths speed:
Defined as the rapid appearance of strength and muscle, which integrates all of the speed and power in the movement.
Distinctive strengths speed = (force × distance) ÷ time.
– Empirical examples of special force quickly:
Higher long jump and shot put and many Jamaz skills.
– Can be determined by measuring the speed of muscle power resistance of gravity, which can resist for only once.

1. General Endurance: means the ability of different devices on the body of the player perform various loads in the game efficiently and effectively.
General endurance different devices create the body of the player to receive the special endurance.
General endurance development: allotted less time in the training program and using the continuous method of training in general endurance development, which means running a long distance for a long time at medium speed or raise the light to the greatest number of times the weight without a break, and when endurance training shall be load components As follows :-
1. Moderate Intensity pregnancy. 1. pregnancy size (exercise period Time) for a relatively long period of time.
3. periods Rahh between iterations: a relatively long rest commensurate with the relative phase.
2 – muscle strength: “means the muscle’s ability to overcome the different opponents.”
General rules for martial arts competitions Egyptian
(1) The types of competitions:
Competitions consist in the Egyptian martial arts of: –
* First punching Wrestling: Wrestling boxing
1. The start of the stage 15 years boys and girls and up to 35 years.
2. where the grip of the forward only with all sorts of chucking used only harmful to a competitor and prevents kicks prohibited.
3. Balrmyat are not allowed in the first game and make necessary (5) points of punching and then thrown only three throws in the round.
4. calculated punch right Almstqmh Bnkotaitn in the head, while hookworms and calculates the rising one point.
5 – Full Trap correct two points, while the throw incomplete one point.
6. allowed the beatings areas: – front and sides of the head – all parts of the trunk.
7 – areas where punching forbidden: – behind the head – neck, front and sides and rear.
8. Do not allow punching during the throws. 9. Do not allow musk and tensile and payment.
9 – are not allowed to get out of the rug categorically considered leaving if repeated twice round the player who loses out.
10. ounce compulsory (boxing glove – protective teeth – and met with the head – visor between the thighs)
11. clothing: Player white or black trousers worn by course in the game.
12 be competition on the carpet.
** Second wrestling kicking: kicking wrestling
– Start of stage 8 years boys and girls and up to 35 years
– Which uses all sorts of kicks and hands-free and uses all trap not harmful and prevents it never punches.
– Calculated from the forward-kick in the head three points, while calculated from behind in the head four points.
– Are not allowed in the first attack Balrmyat Almarah need to win 5 points from the kicking and then allows him to only three throws in the round.
– Calculated kick in the trunk of a colon, forward or backward.
– Calculated kick in the thigh by one point. – Calculated throws as we have mentioned in the wrestling punching.
– Allowed the kicking areas: (head – the trunk – and thighs from the top of the knee).
– It is not allowed to get out of the rug categorically considered leaving if repeated twice round the player who loses out.
– It is not allowed during a penalty throws. – Does not allow musk and tensile and payment.
– Ounce compulsory: (chest protector – shelter teeth – visor between the thighs – and met with the legs – a protective comb)
– Clothing: wearing the player Bntalon white or black T-shirt and braces by cycle in the game.
The competition will be on the table.
*** Third punching and kicking: kick boxing
– Start of stage 8 years boys and girls and up to 35 years.
– Which uses punches (straight – hook – emerging – side – the background) in the head and torso,
It uses the open hand strikes of all kinds in all the trunk.
– All kicks are used in the head and torso and thighs above the knee.
– Allowed to touch the ground for the performance of ground movements
– Does not allow Brhat wrestling and allows Ensh ground and ground strikes (just touching).
– Are not allowed to get out of the rug prohibited. – Does not allow musk and tensile and payment.
– Calculated the correct punch in the head by one point, and accounted for a strike in the trunk one point.
– Calculated from the forward-kick in the head three points and accounted kick in the head from behind with four points.
– Calculated kick in the trunk with two points and in the man above the knee one point.
– Ounce compulsory: (open glove – protective teeth – and met with the head – and met with testicular – visor Casbah – a protective comb).
– Clothing: wearing the player unprofitable white or black only by his role game.
– The competition will be on the carpet.
**** Fourth pyramid fighting: fighting pyramid
– You and kicked and put up and subdue and install and start of stage 18 years and even 35 years.
– Which is used in front of punching fist and kicks and Trhat harmless and non-subordination and installation.
– Provided that the subjugation and installation centre of the rug and not on the line and win the game Althuzeir be subjugation and installation twice, and even if it is in a single round.
– Installation of 15:20 sec player to get 7 points and twice repeated if the player wins the match.
– Calculated subjugation once with 15 points, and if repeated subjection twice in one round or terminated the match game winning player.
Ounce compulsory: (glove open and met with the head of a protective visor teeth between the thighs and met Casbah protective comb)
– Clothes: white or black suit as the role of the player in the game.
Possible for this competition to be on the table or legal Circuit Boxing.
***** Fifth fighting Pyramid: sphinx fight
It is the same pyramid and fighting over the use of the knee and elbow while subjection to only once and installation to twice.
Ounce compulsory: (Open the glove protective visor head between the thighs and met with teeth) and the rest ounce optional.
Clothes: white or black suit as role player in the competition.
This consists of the competition from the completion of the previous stages of competitions for example (in round 32 match be wrestling punching _ and the round of 16 match to be wrestling kicking _ and the round of eight is the game for you and kicked _ The semi-final match will be fighting pyramid _ finalist same fighting hierarchical than it hit jab and knee) and thus be the final shape of the competition
Note as one of the most beautiful competitions in the art of fighting Pharaonic which characterize the art of fighting Pharaonic from the rest of the combat sports in all its forms.
Can for this competition must be at the table or legal Circuit Boxing.

* Sixth methods: View Nile
Review of the most beautiful human skills of the Egyptian methods, which were marked by patrons of the ancient Egyptians in the motor creativity of all human and animal styles and birds long arms and short and without weapons.

List of the arts of the Egyptian and Arab fighting

Since 2005, and many sports martial Egyptian and Arab began working in the combat area and we are now striving to study and analyse those sports neutrally in order to identify its origins and foundations formed them that the goal of its technical content for both of them combat and thought it seeks those sports to be applied as well as the similarities The difference between them and between the three schools in martial Home: The Chinese – Japanese – Korean

Lion of Babylon – Maher al-Asadi – Iraq
Clash – Kiblawi – Lebanon
Alarnes Egyptian and logging – Tariq Hassob – Egypt
Altaakoonjtsu – Ahmed Abu Usman – Jordan
Paranormal – Hassan Hussein – Syria
Elzimguetal – Mohammed equitable Alorga – Tunisia
Alksorh – Ahmed Ibrahim – Egypt
Fist mixed Arab – Ahmed Shehata – Egypt
Alkuan House – Mohammed Juma – Egypt
Allwankwdodji – Murad Ahalal – Morocco
Almarchil Kombat – Ahmed Attia – Egypt
Boxing Pharaonic – Essam Farouk – Egypt
Eagles – Amir Younes – Syria
Dragon Arabs – Shuhdi Recep – Egypt
Sports lotus – Salah Hamid – Egypt
Pharaonic art of fighting – Sayed Said – Egypt
Possession of Arab unity – Mohammed Ghanem – Egypt
Guo chucking – Walid retribution – Lebanon
Klffers Kung Fu – Ali al-Lami – Iraq
Self-defense method is realistic style directly linked to the land of reality of situations that threaten the security and integrity of the individual and those positions of human exposure in his life either at his home or his office or in transportation or street assaults, whether a weapon or without, then defends Alferdan Hayat and Amna and integrity, and of him without laws, without the timing and rounds and caveats and contraband. So Valmarat that must be available in the individual wearer must be varied from punching to kicking to put up to deal with arthritis to subdue Ground striker regions nerve and muscle and attack the skeletal whole areas Alhassasho varied weapons discount Mnasthaddam fists and fingers and elbow and knees, and the head and shoulder and foot and heels and teeth and nails to be used as weapons of Rdaly opponents
In the style of self-defence private forcefully throwing ranging skills at every stage of saluting the installation of skill and difficulty We start in the first two phases (the star and crescent) attacking the vulnerable and affecting the body regions a direct manner and easy and then Ntdrj the moon phase to use the skill of punching and kicking the techniques and then in the sun stage to attack more than a discount by using the punching and kicking, subtraction, installation methods, and then the sword stage specializes in the elimination of an adversary or several armed opponents armed white. then comes the fist stage and the test player skills in all of the above in addition to the skills Altkhalso escape pistol threats from the front and side and back and a kneeling position and put Alanbills Ground.
Curriculum is divided into two phases
1. nucleus
2. halo
The core stage Vtkon stage pre obtaining degrees fist and where are training on the basics of punching and kicking and the use of the elbow and knee and ankles and sword hand and fingers and Trhat and strangulation and injured areas of the nerves and muscles and attack the skeletal body of incapacitating strokes influential and installation of these skills in the form of Theorem techniques ranging in skills from simple to advanced trainee to come out of a friendly skills
1. narrow the fighting and the use of the nature of the body movements Mtzlsh
2. see how we use every weapon of the body depending on the distances available in the fighting
3. The closure of the joints of the body by peaceful means
4. Use opponent’s strength in breach of its balance
5. attacking the areas of pain in the body to have an opponent to control his movements
6. Use the basics of subtraction and threw discount image sound
7. Use the proper fundamentals of strangulation
8. Aldhrjat and fall to the ground are easy and safe from injury
9. basics of repelling punches and kicks and stop any stifle and sabotage operations of throwing opponents operations

The names of the techniques and skills used
Very old names for the star among the people living in the Arabian Peninsula for more than one thousand five hundred years have emerged, before the advent of Islam. However, many of the names of the stars originated at a later time in history and translated some of the descriptions of ancient Greek language Astronomer Claudius Ptolemy collection (who lived about 2,000 years ago in Alexandria – Egypt) descriptions of 1025 resulted in a book called “the largest system in astronomy”, which was published around the year 150 AD. The book was translated into Arabic by Ptolemy during the eighth and ninth centuries, and became famous after his name Manual which was launched by the Arabs, “Almagest.”
Later, Muslim astronomers have discovered many new stars by continuous monitoring. Perhaps most of Meteorology important is picture book eight planets forty Abdul Rahman Sufi (known as Azophi in the West), which provided an explanation including all stars through the observations own, while includes the characteristics and locations, colours and destiny (fate is the unit used since ancient times to measure the brightness of celestial objects) .
In Europe, during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, improperly copied many of the old names of the stars, or translation by different books, and some of them did not know the Arabic language well. As a result, it could be the star complex or distorted, as well as also the case for the names of the crescent moon and the sun, and we have used these names in Tlcalmrahal to symbolize the movements
Now the names of the swords. If what we discussed in the book of the adequacy of the Conservatives and the end Giber in Arabic
Author: Ibn Alahaddaba-Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Abu Ismail bin Abdullah Trabelsi name
Category: Beirut edition in 1887 languages. linguistics. literature
Quality: scanned -s 85
Source: India
We find many of the names of the swords in the Arabic language we have used in the names of some of the techniques to the stage of the sword

Even the halo stage (insert fist) were selected on the basis of Arab and you now
1. Book gradation levels of self-defence
2. Video links to include levels (in another file separately)

Tamer Talaat Ramadan
Chairman of the martial Balathadaraby to Qohalrmy
President of the Egyptian Federation of ALRAMI
A member of the Technical Committee Arab Union
Edoganh trainers Union International
Member of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Union

Define some ways competitions in Alkuan House in Dar Alkuan there in 20 en route to fit disabilities
: _ Competitions include several types
Technical training on how to fight but football
Technical training on how to fight, but the hand
Training on fighting his way even hand and foot together
Training on projection
Training on fighting but compensatory device
Training on the open fighting
Training on the ground installation
Training on fighting his way Tricycle (you dropping RVs)
Modulation of motor Review
Move the disabled
Fighting and handicapped sitting
Fighting and disabled Waqif
Fighting and the disabled move and be seated and Fard feet forward
Alkuan House
The art of fighting special Btdo disability, above all, I like to introduce myself

I am Mohamed Juma Mohammed
Kungfu coach and practiced another martial art such as karate, a Choto was Taekwondo
But I did not feel it, but in the late Kungfu

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