The Beards are coming……

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J Clark & M Lane Deadlift

Team strongman win in Kent



Worcester strongman John Clark took part in a team strongman event at The Strongman Sanctuary in Kent on 10th January, Clarke teamed up with Mikey Lane from Nuneaton to compete  in the ‘heavies’ category. With the fun team name of ‘Wierdos with Beardos’ they made a clean sweep, winning all five events.


The first event was a 200 kg overhead log press with a specially designed two-man log, Clark and Lane achieved 5 reps just ahead of their nearest rival’s score of four. Second event of the day was a two-man axle deadlift with 500 kg on the bar, for the win this time they scored 11 reps in the one minute time limit.


Event three, a farmer’s walk and yoke medley saw Lane set off first with a 125 kg farmer’s walk in each hand down the 20 metre course, Clark returned with a 320 kg yoke to complete the run in an astonishing 21.19 seconds; beating their nearest rivals by over 3 seconds.


After a short lunch break our duo faced the carry medley which involved taking turns in carrying two 125 kg barrels, two 80 kg sandbags and two 75 kg lorry tyres over the 20 metre course, again pipping their rivals by 3 seconds. The final event was to lift a 120 kg atlas stone over a bar set at 4 feet, again, taking turns they achieved 18 reps in the 90 second time limit, beating the second place team by 4 reps.


The event was refereed by Kent’s Meg Robson; Europe’s Strongest Woman under 80 kg bodyweight and the MC and commentator was Worcester based Les Wiltshire. John Clark, whose next competition is Midland’s Strongest Man in May, trains at his Worcester gym, Fit3Sixty at Shrub Hill.

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