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This edition we look at the Shaolin Temple Academy, which is run by Shifu Shi Yan Kun.

Shaolin Temple Academy (STA) is a full time martial arts academy that is dedicated to the practise of Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese culture. It runs a wide range of charitable projects throughout the UK, Europe and China that has benefited children, youths and our elder generation. The Shaolin Temple Academy is officially affiliated with the Shaolin Temple of China, and known to them as the UK Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks training base.

The Academy specialises in a range of Chinese Martial Arts that is beneficial to children and adults such as Shaolin Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Soft & Hard Qi Gong (Iron Body Conditioning), Qin Na (Joint Locking), Shaolin Weapons, Shaolin Gymnastics and San Da (Chinese Free Fighting). As a full time academy they aim to teach Chinese Martial Arts, culture and martial morals to a high degree. They intend to be able to facilitate and coach a vast number of children and adults at a high standard and build their ambition towards big achievements and goals such as the Olympics. They want to be able to help combat youth gang culture and street crime and give a better opportunity to socially and economically deprive children and their families. STA are committed to helping families build stronger bonds, spend time together by participating in fun activities and become more engaged with their communities. They help youths with problematic backgrounds such as anger problems and turn their negative energy into positive energy with the discipline of martial arts. It is their aim to teach the students to an Olympic standard and for the students to be able to reach the best of their potential. They aim to get the community more into fitness and healthy living and help prevent childhood and adult obesity by teaching students to look after their health through the power of exercise and healthy eating as they believe the greatest wealth is health.

The Academy invests all efforts to each individual student and gives people full encouragement by teaching respect, martial morals and training to be the best.

STA are the first full time Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in South East London and offer over 30 hours of training a week, open 5 days a week from Saturday – Wednesday.

The head master of the academy, Shifu Shi Yan Kun, who has been practising martial arts for over 21 years and he was selected as a 34th Generation Disciple of the Shaolin Temple China by Abbot Shi Yong Xin. The Abbot chose the name ‘Kun’ after a famous mountain from Shandong Province. This mountain represents endurance, strength, courage, unfailing loyalty and determination. The Abbot selected this name as he believed this represented Shi Yan Kun.

Shi Yan Kun has trained internationally from the UK to the Shaolin Temple in China (training in China just over three years). He discovered his talent for martial arts at the young age of six and he is now the Head Master of Shaolin Temple Academy. In 2009, he was proudly awarded by the Shaolin Wushu Association of Henan (China) to be the highest ranked non-Chinese in the world to achieve the Shaolin Wushu Duan Wei Level 6 (Dan 6). Shi Yan Kun has won many competition titles in the UK and in China. He has had the pleasure by being awarded many ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by Government Officials and also being featured in many newspaper articles and televised on national and international TV.

Shi Yan Kun is on the BCCMA (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts) Executive San Da Committee and has an important role in standardising this future Olympic sport. The Committee will be selecting top fighters to compete and represent Great Britain in the Olympics. It is Shi Yan Kun’s aim to raise the standards in the UK and to ensure Great Britain has a winning team as he will be coaching them for the Olympics. Shi Yan Kun has trained his students to high competition standards and has cultivated National Champions in Traditional Shaolin forms (Northern style), Long Weapon Shaolin forms (Northern style) and in San Da. His student was selected for the World Championships for San Da 2011 in Turkey to compete for Great Britain. Shi Yan Kun will continue to train more Champions in the making from children to adults in Shaolin Gong Fu and San Da.

Shi Yan Kun has selected 35th Generation Disciples; Shi Heng Shan (Sam Roberts) , Shi Heng Li (Danny Ta), Shi Heng Cong (Charles Donald) and Shi Heng Long (Ryan Ta). His Disciples represent him and Abbot Shi Yong Xin greatly, the disciples are passionate about Shaolin culture and heritage and they aim to continue to train and teach the high standards of Shaolin just as their Master Shi Yan Kun has done.

Shi Yan Kun’s aim is to teach traditional and authentic Chinese martial arts in the UK the way he was taught in China.

STA has recently won 31 medals in 2 competitions in Shaolin Traditional Forms and Qing Da (Semi contact San Da) on 29th April and 20th May 2012. They took home a total of 18 Golds, 8 silvers and 4 bronzes. A huge congratulation to all the students, parents and to Shifu who supported them in working hard and achieving their rewards for all the hard work they put into their training.

Shaolin Temple Academy has united with the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks Training Base (China). Both schools are very disciplined and aim to spread the culture of Shaolin. The China Academy is based in the Shaolin Temple, China, the home of Shaolin Martial Arts. The China Academy has a great reputation in Chinese Martial Arts and has a total of 90 students who train diligently. The school is small, warm, welcoming and very humble. As the Academy is small it allows the coaches to give their time and teaching knowledge to each student which allows the student to excel in Gong Fu (Kung Fu).

Every year, Shaolin Temple Academy invites their students to China to train in Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks Training Base and to experience the training and living of a Shaolin Monk.

For more information visit their website;

Shaolin Temple Academy, 30 Sandling Rise, New Eltham, London SE9 3AU. UNITED KINGDOM





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